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Affordable Curtains

Choosing Your Curtains – Stress Free!

Stop The Overwhelm Using A Simple Formula That Has Been Proven For 40 Years.

Stop The Overwhelm

Using A Simple Formula That Has Been Proven For 40 Years.

Dear Homeowner,

Choosing curtains for your home can be hard!

With so many colours, fabrics, designs and experts, there are too many choices, too many variables and too much advice,

It’s just too much!

But it need not be.

You see choosing the right curtains to reflect your own personal style isn’t difficult when you know how…

But what happens for most people is they finish up making just ANY decision, hoping that this will take their overwhelm away.

And this fatal mistake costs many homeowners thousands of dollars in having to fix poor choices that need not have happened.

But if you know which questions to ask and in which order to ask them, the process becomes simple and the result will be exactly as you wanted;

With no stress and no overwhelm!

And wouldn’t that be nice?

A Family Man With 40+ Years Experience

You see, I know this process works because I have been assisting homeowners make the right curtain choices (the first time), for over 40 years

And I can make this process simple, efficient and painless for you too.

And not only that, I promise I will never try to sell you anything just because I will make more profit on that product like many suppliers do.

You see I don’t sell you curtains; I help you to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional home for the whole family to come together and enjoy.

Having serviced several generations of the same families for over 40 years, I can easily help you to eliminate overwhelm and indecision too – with a simple (in-home) appraisal…

So I invite you to book your Free (in-home) Appraisal and let me ask you the right questions in the right order and put your mind at ease now.

I look forward to meeting with you soon,

John Washington

P.S. I promise I’ll wipe my feet, not take anything from the fridge without asking and never overstay my welcome…

Washington Home Furnishings – No Hype, No Short Cuts, Just Good Old-Fashioned Service & Family Values


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